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A brutal write

Sad ChildI thought this novel would be very difficult to sell because it was very difficult to write. I had to work through deep sadness, sometimes anger, to get it written. Sometimes I had to take time out from it, sit somewhere quiet to find peace. I still can’t read one chapter because it makes me cry. Despite that I’ve achieved exactly what I hoped to with the story.

When I approached a few agencies they said words to the effect of “…really like your writing but the subject matter is too brutal.” It seemed at that point, that there was nowhere to go with my book because a rewrite, to dilute aspects of the story, was impossible. A novel with a battered child at its core, to be authentic and real, was always going to be raw. 

I’ve been asked why on earth I wanted to write such a novel.  In many novels victims of violence, often children, are voiceless, spoken about post-death by detectives, psychologists and other authority figures. I wanted to write a book where the battered child has a voice, a huge, angry voice, where she speaks up, screams out, makes us sit up and take notice.

The Luke Bitmead Foundation and Legend Press took a risk in selecting me as the 2015 Bursary winner. Without them, the child in need would still be silenced. It’s a brutal write and a tough read because it’s inspired by my own experiences which were brutal, tough, terrifying at times. It really couldn’t be written any other way and I think that readers will really get that.

This blog post originally appeared on the BeadyJans Books blog Thanks very much to Jan for my guest post on her wonderful book review website.

Janet Lambert
May 19th, 2016 at 6:35 pm

Thank you Lyn great article about your powerful book

Lyn G Farrell
July 5th, 2016 at 5:23 pm

Thanks so much Janet. I’m really pleased you liked the book. Am overwhelmed with the response to the novel so far. x


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